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Look, I don’t know how old you are, and it doesn’t matter, but I’m 42 years old and for me, one of the most important things is to maintain high levels of energy.

Here is the thing – B12 is essential for your body to function well and your body is synthesizing it from eating  meat.

Even if you’re a ‘meat’ eater you might not be exempt from a lack of vitamin B12.

As Paul Fassa, Natural Health Journalist  says “Regardless of diet, it’s estimated up to 80 percent of the population may be vitamin B12 deficient.”

He continues “All the usual B12 sources, such as meat, eggs, and dairy won’t do much if one’s small intestines are lacking the intrinsic factor. The intrinsic factor is a special protein produced in the small intestine that is key to extracting B12 from foods and assimilating it into the blood.

And many lack it due to a standard American diet (SAD) of processed foods and/or anti-acid medications, prescribed or over the counter. Actually, it’s usually a lack of stomach acid that’s the problem, not excess acid. So anti-acids make those apparent excess acid situations even worse.

That’s why meat and dairy consumers are not exempt from vitamin B12 deficiency

If you are a vegan or a vegetarian, things aren’t so great either.

Here is why:

Vegetarians are another group with inadequate dietary B12 intake since much of our B12 comes from meat consumption. A recent study showed 50% of long-term vegetarians have B12 deficiency, with decreased serum B12 levels and elevated homocysteine levels.”- Jeffrey Dach MD

Department of Nutrition Science, East Carolina University

Higher rates of deficiency were reported among vegans compared with vegetarians and among individuals who had adhered to a vegetarian diet since birth compared with those who had adopted such a diet later in life.

The main finding of this review is that vegetarians develop B12 depletion or deficiency regardless of demographic characteristics, place of residence, age, or type of vegetarian diet.

Vegetarians should thus take preventive measures to ensure adequate intake of this vitamin, including regular consumption of supplements containing B12.

In over 60 years of vegan experimentation, only B12 fortified foods and B12 supplements have proven themselves as reliable sources of B12, capable of supporting optimal health.

It is very important that all vegans ensure they have an adequate intake of B12, from fortified foods or supplements.

This will benefit our health and help to attract others to veganism through our example.

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