Do you have ‘Supplement Mindset”?

November 19, 2018
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November 19, 2018 TeaWS

Do you have ‘Supplement Mindset”?

One thing I never believed, well when I was younger, how the mind is connected to the body.

Somehow I thought ‘it has nothing to with it”..boy I was wrong.

I guess this is the part of growing up, realizing a bit bit, things on the way, how life works

In the end, I became ‘obsessed’ with it, how the mind works because it governs everything – how you feel, how you think, what you do, how you do it why you do it…

What has the mindset to with supplements?

Short answer – everything!

Supplements are absolutely great to solve many problems on many different levels, but supplements are not medicine and supplements can’t make you ‘do’ things – proper mindset can.


Let’s look at this typical example “I want to be more productive” – great!

You can take some cognitive enhancers, Nootropics, but if you sit and do nothing aka do some mental work which includes using your brain and intelligence – you won’t feel a thing!

I mean, supplements/Nootropics can’t make you be more productive, you got to start doing some work then they will feel the effects.

Where mindset come in play is to move from ‘doing nothing and expecting effects’ to “I just need to start to do something, and supps will do the rest”

In short, if you take any Nootropics and start watching TV, you want to feel a thing…

Yet if you start to sort out your inbox for example, then you’ll probably be amazed with how fast you’ll do it…

Another typical example – gym – muscle growth goal – great!

If you eat BCAA (Branched Chain Amino Acids – Amino acids are the building blocks of protein) and protein builds your muscle and or help rebuild it after exercise, and you don’t exercise; then there will be NO muscle growth.

If you eat proteins and don’t exercise – there will be NO muscle growth.

With that said, common use of BCAA is for pre-workout so when you do workout you achieve better results, you can do more.

The common use of protein is post-workout to help you muscle rebuild and grow.

Mindset wise if you eat those supplements and don’t work out – there will be no muscle growth or any other effect on your body.

I know the basics, but many people take those supplements to ‘feel’ better but still do no workout.

What I’m trying to say that step #1 would be making yourself to do a workout, any kind of workout.

Personally, I can feel a difference in strength if I take BCAA before the training comparing with if I don’t.

What I’m trying to say is, BCAA’s job is to help with the workout so taking them without workout seems like not letting them to do that job.


Another example – I want more energy – great!

Energy comes from the foods you eat, the body transforms food into the energy.

The different kind of food, you get different levels of energy.

If you are eating carb based diet will have more more energy ups and downs.

Body transform carbs into energy and when it does, does it fast.

This is the reason for ‘energy ups and downs’

Eat high protein diet then your muscles will be grateful to you, you’ll feel stronger, but you might feel drops in energy.

This is because the body still need energy and it will transform it from protein in shape of glucose (a simple sugar, which is an important energy source in living organisms and is a component of many carbohydrates. – wikipedia)

And with sugars you already know there will ups and downs in energy levels, hence the possible ‘muscle fatigue’ on a high protein diet

Eat LCHF (low carb, high fat) diet, then you might feel more balanced level of energy.

This is because your body will transform fats into energy. Energy from fats has longer effect and ‘steady’ flow without high and low peaks.

Eat just veggies and you’ll probably lack energy(see why here)

In short, food dictates your energy levels.

Yes, you can take B12 to get your energy boost, but it’s also not performing a miracle supplement.

The mindset wise you should think to eat foods which will give you more balanced feelings of energy then take supplements like B12 to give you an even more boost of energy.

If you already have low levels of energy then B12 can help you balance them out.

That goes, if you are vegan, vegetarian, meat eater, if you’re on whatever nutritional program, LCHF lover and anything else.

I mean, for me, B12 changed my life energy wise and I was already having ‘balanced’ way of eating i.e levels of energy.

Yet, when I would ‘fall of tracks’ with my eating habits, B12 it helped a lot, but nowhere near as good when I had a more balanced way of eating.

The idea is – start with proper intention and ‘supplement mindset’  first, then get supplements to help on the way.

Supplements help a lot, they are great, yet if you want them to perform ‘miracle’, then  ‘help’ them

By the way – did you know that each thought has a ‘vibration’?

The way you think, or on what you think, changes the chemistry in your body so you start to ‘vibrate’ on a certain frequency and then you feel what you feel.

I know, sounds weird but true.

Try it: think of something nice, like you won the lottery, or anything which make you happy…how do you feel?

Good, right?

Now think of something bad, or something you hate, or something that hurts…how do you feel now?

A bit uncomfortable?

If you felt a difference between those two examples, then you realize how powerful the mindset if and how it helps when it comes to taking supplements.

What I’m trying to say – if you want to feel, if you haven’t by now, the full effect of supplements then starts with ‘supplement mindset’ first…

Start thinking in a way to inspire yourself to do certain things and then let the supplements do they ‘magic’

Thank you for reading 🙂



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