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Hey, it’s Damir again, owner of Vitaltec and I have one more special gift I want to give you…

Let me tell you why…

Nothing ruins strength and vitality like aging.

In one moment you’re running for miles and the next you have knee pain for no special reason. How does that sound?

Yeah – silly question I know…

But what if you had a second option?

What if you could get that vitally and run for ‘miles’ again?

This is exactly why we want to tell you about the Timeless Formula and I want to give it to you for only $87.46 @ 50% OFF!

This deal, we sell this on our website for $173.70!

You get 3 bottles of Timeless Formula! Plus another one completely for FREE!

It’s a 3+1 deal, you get 4x Timeless Formula bottles :)

Why 3 bottles, why 3 month supply?

Unlike our other supplements which have almost ‘immediate’ effect, Timeless Formula has a more subtle yet much more powerful effect, but it needs time for you to feel the effects…

What is Timeless Formula’s Secret?

It’s based on a well know, but hidden natural substance… a substance with the power to “change” your aging body at the cellular level…and grow strong again…

It’s not a drug or supplement of any kind. It comes from the source you can always trust for safety and effectiveness…

Your own body… Pituitary gland to be exact…

Let me explain…

Studies prove that a compound produced in your brain can actually stimulate the growth of new healthy cells in your body.

The most outstanding results were improvements in muscle strength, exercise endurance, and loss of body fat. Also there were significant improvements in skin, healing capacity, sexual drive and performance, energy levels, emotion/attitude and memory.”

L. Cass Terry, M.D., Ph.D and Dr Edmund Chain. M.D., at the Medical

College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee and Palm Spring Life Extension Institute

The secret is in the pituitary gland, which needs to be stimulated to produce that potent natural substance.

It’s released in your brain as a part of the natural process that grows the cells, bones, muscles… you get the picture…

And if it’s activated in a certain way… something magical happens…

As it flows into your bloodstream, this substance will stimulate the growth of new cells and stop random wear and tear on the cell caused by oxygen free-radicals (oxidation)…

It’s the new cells that help you build muscle and strength…

Imagine…Starting every day with vitality and strength to move furniture around the house – instead of nagging pains and aches!

Look, I could write pages about this, for that reason, when you get Timeless Formula – I’ll send you everything you need to know about it…if you want to read it and know every detail about it.

This is also why we special, prolonged, guarantee with this supplement.

But you can only have it for 50% Off when you add it to your order today.

 If you leave this page this offer goes away. So if you don’t have a plan to get more strength and vitality, I encourage you to take me up on this offer.

And remember, with Timeless Formula,  you’re protected by our 60-day full satisfaction money back guarantee from the day you receive your Timeless Formula supplements. We stand behind everything we sell so if you’re unhappy for any reason in the first 60 days just let us know and we’ll issue you a full refund.

But hurry because at this price, this offer won’t last long.

Get 4x bottles of Age Deifying Timeless Formula at just only $87.46!

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